Soul Sister


I felt like I had been living in the suburb of crazy town and taking the struggle bus everywhere I went because I had been married over 30 years to a sex addict in denial & possibly a narcissist.  The pain of rejection from a significant other is a cut to the very core of our beings…ouch! We're made for relationships, the pain of betrayal & rejection is the worst pain I have ever felt. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Bloom & this incredible lady called “Scabs!

Don’t even hesitate to reach out to her - you won’t be disappointed ..she is the real deal and she understands exactly what you are going thru!!  

My retreat experience was better than putting salve on a horrific oozing wound. This exactly what the retreat was for me. Scabs and her team know intimately that each women attending has an oozing soul/spirit wound that needs practical/effective tools to stop allowing the enemy to steal, kill, and rob us of our very dignity and purpose for being on this incredible earth. Truthfully, the retreat experience was a culmination of everything that each of us need even if we are not going thru these dramatic life events.

I have a hard time choosing a favorite thing I learned from this amazing team, however, the three things that come instantly to my mind are the incredible soul sister relationships I made at the retreat, these women will forever be part of my life. I also learned meditation coping tools. I am totally uncoordinated and I still to this day don’t use a yoga mat, but I do listen to daily meditations and have adapted what works best for me.  The other profound tool I gained from “Scabs” was the ability to answer my X husband to be with One-Liners instead of taking the bait, getting triggered, and going into a complete explanation. That was a very effective tool for dealing with a spouse that always wants to shame you.