Imperfectly Perfect

I was healing from an ex-spouse's infidelity and had difficulty connecting with other women after feeling so betrayed. My first experience at Camp Scabs was just an overwhelming sense that I'd found my tribe. Finding the women who really understood what I had gone through was so pivotal in my journey to move on from the mess. 

Scabs helped me think about and challenge thought patterns regarding a few of my own behaviors. She really encouraged me to give myself grace and permission to be imperfect while holding my own standards and boundaries. It doesn't make me a hypocrite, it makes me human. I had somehow gotten into my brain that I didn't deserve the respect until I was perfect. 

I would absolutely recommend women to work with Scabs, mainly because she is so committed to the journey being the client's journey, and not about she thinks my journey should be or what I should do.  Scabs is whole-heartedly invested in guiding women to find their OWN answers, which I find beautiful and necessary for us to learn the skills to eventually coach ourselves.