Case of the missing lotion

For the past two mornings I haven't been able to find my lotion.  When I get out of a shower I like to slather my body with lotion. I ran around the house in my towel frantic! Searching through piles of clothes, under the sofa and even in the toybox. I couldn't find it and I was sure my husband had used it to wack-off.  I was getting ticked!

"I'm so over this," I muttered

When he said he didn't know where my precious bottle of lotion was, I snarkilly remarked, "Where is it?  Oh, I know, you used it to DO your thing!"

After huffing around the house mumbling about my missing lotion, my sweet daughter says, " Mom, you owe Dad an apology.  I put the lotion in the cupboard when I cleaned the bathroom."

Sigh.  I hang my head, it's so hard to believe anything he says.  Even if it's about lotion.

And, yes, I did apologize.