burning shit

i bon-fired his underwear

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April 2011

I bonfired his underwear.
Every last pair.

I hated each one...did he think he was so sexy in them?  uggg.  My mind could see some random Asian hooker with her tacky manicured lime-green nails stripping those underwear down MY husbands thighs.  That was supposed to be me!!!  I wanted to pull them off his body!

My body crumbles, sobbing, bawling.  I'm going mental.

Thank God for the best girlfriends.  She held me until my sobs turned to sniffles.  Without speaking she built a girl-scout sized fire then handed me the Aqua Net hairspray.  I love her!  I had a mini-flame thrower and I felt powerful!  I'm sure my face was red and swollen from crying, my eyes were stained with smudged mascara and I could barely breath when I dropped the first pair into the fire.  I watched them melt, combust and disappear under the blue and orange flames. I might have had a few moments of laughing hysteria. Don't judge.  I felt insanely fantastic!

Sparks rose into the dark sky, burning then dying.  I like to think that fire took some of my rage with it.  Burning then dying.

I felt a little better.  a little.