I love women

I love my femininity.  I love the softness, the kindness and the compassion I feel as a woman. I love the strength and gentleness of my body.  I love the confidence I feel.  I love that my body can give life.  I love my virtue.  I love how women connect and bond and love.  I love that I can be a tomboy and lace everything I do with that mysterious something that is distinctly feminine.

Although the world may show us the stereotypes of women, I don't believe them.  I don't believe who they say I should be.  I don't believe what they say I should wear or what kind of mother, wife, sister I should be.  I don't believe them.  I don't believe what they say my body should look like and how I should love.

I can't help but believe there's some very intimate unrevealed purpose to my life as a woman.  Almost as if being a woman is God's hidden advantage.  An ace up His sleeve.  I feel this divine draw to my sense of self-worth.  It's the core of my self-esteem.  Being a woman is an integral piece of my identity.  It is my purpose and it's what I love most about me.

The stinging blow of my husbands cheating has introduced doubt.  Are my boobs too small?  Am I not sexy enough? Asian enough?  Fun enough?

I can't believe those lies either.