First Day of Spring

Real Simple
Yoga is my cleansing ritual; pushing my body and clearing my mind.  Tonight my legs felt strong and solid as I pushed into Warrior pose.  The heels of my feet grounded and I became an extension of the earth.  Rising up, my arms reach back, opening my heart----

My teacher instructs as we fold forward, hands touching the floor,
      "Release anything that no longer serves you.  Make room for new growth."

Instantly my eyes water and sting as I push through the next pose.  My heart is tender and my body quivers slightly with emotion.  I know she is speaking to me.

It's the first day of Spring.  And in that spirit, I want to release my bitterness, my acidic anger and feelings that life has cheated me.  They no longer serve me.  I will make room for new growth in my heart.