My Boy


                          My mind's record player has been on repeat with this song the past few days.  
There is no end to how much I adore my Boy.

We live in an old neighborhood.  Right off Main St., downtown, next to pawn and taco shops. Saturday night smells like BBQed carne asada and roasted peppers.  There are old houses. Old trees.  Backyard alleys.  We have a cranky old man neighbor, fabulous neighbors and tons of kids.  We go on bike rides and throw impromptu street baseball games in "Grandma Elma's" front yard.
I support local lemon-aide stands.  My kids play in homemade tree houses and chase feral cats .  There's even an abandoned house right next door complete with an overgrown yard, chain link fence, pecan trees and a wrap around front porch.

The sweetest retired couple just bought the house.   They've got roots in this neighborhood.  In a little yellow house on the same block they raised their 6 kids.  That was 30 years ago.  They want to retire here.  Rumors say the abandoned house was the coolest house in the neighborhood.  
Lucky for me, they are restoring it and it will be gorgeous.

My Boy, he's 3 1/2 with long blonde hair and a mischievous spirit. I am crazy about him!
Instantly, he became BFF's with these new neighbors.  
Armed with a little hammer and a tool belt and has invited himself to help with the remodel.  

I spied on him from the kitchen window.  His hammer secured in the belt, he got down on his hands and knees to shimmy under the fence escaping into their backyard.  With just his legs squirming on our side of the fence I snuck up behind him grabbed the ankles of his overalls and pulled him out from under the fence!  Busted!!  

He laughed and I tickled.  Nestling his giggly little body and kissing his filthy dirty nose.  I let him go and he wiggles back under the fence and plays with his new grandparent neighbors.

I'm thankful for my sweet Boy and kind grandparent neighbors.

Love these crazy true life stories of the Boy who's imagination created
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
I read this book to my kids last summer, great read, reminds me of my Boy.

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