Boundaries Week

The Scabs family went camping with friends deep in the Arizona woods this last week.  With lots of river lounging, loads of crawdad catching, plates of fried trout for eating and hunting for the mysterious "witches shack", it was a rough-neck fantastic time!  

I'm thankful for pre-written blog posts. 

Driving down the mountain, I read your comments and emails about limbo and parachutes, my daughter, Mr Scabs, STDs and about your lives.  

 You are a powerful group of women.

In fact, today I felt the weepy tears of happiness and humility in awe that you reach out to me and invite me to be part of your lives.

If I haven't already, I'll your answer emails and respond to comments soon.  Promise. 


There's been a lot of cyber-chatter about boundaries.  So, I've officially declared next week 

"Boundaries Week"  

All posts will be designed to create conversations around the 
how, why, what and when of boundaries. 

Sound good?

As for this weekend, I hope you find a few minutes to relax and read something inspiring.