I can use a chopsaw!

Credit: me

No, the title doesn't mean I gave into my anti godmother's vivid and violent imagination.  
In fact, I don't think I heard her raspy voice all weekend!  

I decided to make a coffee table, and thus learned how to use the loud and scary chopsaw.  
This wasn't just any chopsaw.  A few years ago my brother gave it to Mr. Scabs.  He'd found it in a dumpster and gifted it to us for Christmas.  Seriously, he'd find the raddest stuff in the garbage.  
We are a family of dumpster-diving recyclers.

It works perfectly but doesn't have the all important blade guard.  
So, just take extra care not to accidentally chop your fingers! 
And, as our grandpa always says, "wear your safety glasses."  He's blind in one eye!

These 6x6 beams were salvaged by Mr. Scabs last year from a neighbors renovation project.  He'd  promised to make the table. Other projects seem to take priority.  This weekend, I decided to do it myself.

I chopped them at about 35 inches each, making 6 beams.  Then screwed a few 2x4 salvaged beams horizontally across the bottom of the table, connecting the beams and attaching them in place.  
Next, I screwed on some Harbor Freight casters.  
Using a power sander, all the splinters were smoothed away. 

Waaaa Laaaa!  Beautiful, no?

It feels empowering to use a chopsaw.
Try it.
But, watch the fingers cause it's not empowering to end up in urgent care.

p.s. becoming more independent helps me pack my parachute and detach.  Also, if your relationship is ready, knowing when to ask for help (like when it came to the assembly) creates opportunities for trust, bonding and vulnerability.

Look at these lovely even chops!

Another lovely view

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