Allegory of the "Wall"
Mr. Scabs is a one-man crew.  Nights, weekends, holidays and spare moments he has undertaken a huge remodel of our old home (maybe it's part of his penance).  One day he was knocking down walls with a sledgehammer!  Plaster flying, 2x4's splintering, wife screaming, cabinets crashing, dogs howling...Mr. Scabs cheesing an ear to ear grin.  He was ecstatic!

Our shrink calls it an "anger-release".

"Destruction is an infinity easier than creation!"
(theme of our life?)

Weeks later he rebuilt a wall.  Hammering studs and a thumb, fitting drywall and smoothing putty.  In fact, it took 3 days to smooth and mud the walls.  Sanding, puttying, smoothing, drying, repeat.  Frustrated with the lest than instant results he shared the Allegory of the "Wall" in our 12-step meeting.

"I worked all day on that wall, from early morning till late night.  And, when I stopped, it looked like I hadn't done anything!  It looked only mildly different.  Nothing the average observer would notice.
Working on that wall is like recovery.  You work all day making the smallest changes and no one notices.  The changes are almost undetectable.  It's depressing.  I want instant results. I want someone to notice!  
But, I've got to wake up, strap on my tool belt, not get discouraged and work on it some more."

Mr. Scabs, I'm starting to not only notice the changes but believe that they are genuine.
                                                                                                                      p.s. the wall looks great.