Insanity Challenge

Insanity Contest via
Does this look like your Insanity?

In lieu of Halloween and Marlee's comment on Triggers are Lies we're going to hold an Insanity Challenge!

Let's hear a Whoop-Whoop!

The personification of Insanity has popped up here, here, here and here.  

She is my anti-god-mother granting none of my wishes.  She's a Camel Red chain smoking, raspy-voiced psycho wearing David Bowie's checkered pants and hot pink lipstick.  There's a thin scraggly, over-bleached mullet on top of her head that moves when she talks.  She exists on a diet of Pepsi, Oreos and apples dipped in Nutella, but oddly, weighs only 98 pounds---I think she's a borderline diabetic. I've seen her flirt and try her charms with the dude behind the counter while she picks up a crusty ole' corn dog from the neighborhood gas station.  She's crazy and endearing all at once. But most of all she's co-dependent and completely diabolical.  She's also my ex BFF.

The idea is, that once our Insanity is personified we can better identify it and let it go.  
Maybe we'll have a Sanity Challenge later.  Cause Sanity is Insanity's much cooler twin sister.

Challenge Rules:

1.  Write a description of your Insanity personified.  What do they look like?  How do they act? When do they appear?  Where do they live?  Why do they exist?  How do they manipulate you?  How do you get rid of them?

Paint a picture of your Insanity.  Reach into your gut and show us a glimpse of what your Insanity would look like personified.  Your Insanity doesn't have to be about betrayal or addiction it can be about anything.  This isn't a writing contest it's a description contest.  Grammar and writing skills not required.

2.  Please keep your description under 500 words...ok 550...fine 600 words (I know some of you are novelists).  Cut and paste your description here for your word count.

3.  You can be a blogger, anonymous commenter, addict, man, woman, new reader, someone I know personally or even a  lurker...everyone is invited to participate.  Of course your identity will be protected if you wish to remain anonymous.  Your trust is of the utmost importance to me.

4.  Email your submissions with the words "Insanity Challenge" in the subject line by Monday Oct 29th.

              Eatmyscab [at] gmail [dot] com


You will win your choice of  a hand stamped personalized necklace made by your truly.  
A perfect gift for you!
See the pictures below.

The winning description will be posted on Halloween, Oct 31st.   If you wish to remain anonymous or wish to have your blog linked please let me know. 
 I will contact you before I post your submission to get your final approval.

Also, Mr. Scabs has promised to write his own Insanity description if we receive 25 or more submissions so please send in your Insanity pronto!  

Wouldn't you love a glimpse into Mr. Scabs Insanity?  
I would.

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