An Absurd Insanity Poem


This absurdly insane ditty was imagined by our anonymous friend, Erica.
Insanity seems to be the painfully warped cousin of Absurdity.  Insanity may mask herself as absurdity or something equally silly and harmless.

I know I've fallen into that trap.  Doubting the truth.  Doubting what my heart tells me.  Feeling like I must be over-dramatic, paranoid, absurd.  It's not that bad, right?

Have you fallen into the trap?
I think Erica's right.  "Insanity's confusing that way, isn't she?"



I think I confused Insanity with Absurdity. I'll admit I had some admiration. 

Mopeds in India piled high with families of 6, airplanes staying in the sky, the cow jumping over the moon. 


I see that I was confused because Insanity's a tricky bitch that way. 

Insanity is actually gentle Indian families with revving mopeds riding on their heads, even the babies' who have no hair yet. 

Insanity is horrific airplane crashes. 

Insanity is the moon jumping over a cow, crushing its moo. 

Insanity is my husband having an affair with an insane woman because he wanted to feel wanted.

Insanity's confusing that way, isn't she?
Absurdity and I are going run her over with some cows flying on mopeds.

- Erica