"Anonymous Mr."


I am a "Mr." as well. I have thought a lot about this post (my wife shared it with me). I shared the "allegory" in a meeting, and when I was done sharing, I couldn't shake the feeling that there was something missing. Then it dawned on me, "I destroyed the wall, and that is why the wall needed to be rebuilt." All I have done, in the eyes of others, is put things back to how they were supposed to be in the first place (kind of). It is not like I made some grand improvement. There was supposed to be a wall there. A wall with no holes, with the right texture, with wall sockets that work, and with a beautiful coat of paint.

So, yes, I have put a lot of hard work into my building of the wall, and it is so difficult when others, specifically my wife, don't praise me for the work I have put in... but I am just making things the they way they always should have looked.

Wives, please don't use this to judge your husbands.

I had to share this comment because as I read it I wept.  I truly sat down and buried my face in my hands.  I wept for the terrible bitter pain of this one Anonymous "Mr." as he shared his clear  heart-felt vision.  I wept for happiness and hope and peace.    I wept because this Anonymous "Mr." is very literally building a bridge, a boat, a portal,  a way for his beloved wife to move from grief and pain to love and understanding.  This is recovery.  I am proud of him.