Insanity Reviewed

black bob
Hello and how was your weekend?  

I spent the weekend hiking with the cub scouts (yes, I'm a den mom!),
making chicken noodle soup,
caring for my kids who've had fevers and coughs,
and reading them The Magician's Elephant.

For your enjoyment and to coif the requests, here is an Insanity Challenge entry
 from my friend Xena.  
Her Insanity sounds fiendish and fantastically vile.

Get to know Xena, read her blog Killing Cupid here.

p.s. I am still in pursuit of our winner.  If you entered and haven't checked your email please do.  
I pray that you are well and that you are simply just too busy to check your email.

I hope to be posting some more Insanity Challenges along with 
Mr. Scabs rendition as well.
Can't wait!

"She wears killer stilettos  with red soles. Sexy, tight shirts with hair cut carefully into a sleek inky black bob. She winks her cole lined eyes at me, and tells me that if I stick with her she will look after me. She is smarter, wiser and more experienced than me...
Carefully groomed, her lips pull tight with derision when my husband tries to show me he cares...her eyes glitter with a predatory gleam while I listen to his tale of how his day went...she waits to pounce on anything, something to show me what a fool I am to still be here...
She smokes like a lady and drinks hard liquor and the words that drip from her blood red lips would put a sailor to shame...she is a bitch, who puts herself first and doesn't give a shit who knows it. 
She gives no second chances - ever-  
Her smirking laughter can be heard when he lets me down, once again... I am patient she says, I'll wait until you're ready and I'll whisk you away...
She is who I would have been - my other self. 
There will come a time, when I can let her go - but for now, she is my faithful companion - always there, always listening...ready to save me from me."