Insanity Winner....where are you?


The day after Halloween always feels like a sugar hangover.
How do you deal with the loads of candy under your kids beds?


A name was picked out of a hat and the Insanity Challenge winner has been chosen and emailed.  
So, check your email if you entered the challenge cause I haven't heard back from you and as promised I'd like to get your permission to publish and send you your necklace.

Also, I'm working on getting permissions to see if I can share some of the Insanity Challenges just for fun.  So, if your ok with sharing here, on Eat My Scabs, send me a quick email.

My inbox received two more Insanity submissions yesterday, so if you still want to send one and join the discussion go ahead.  Let me know if it's ok to publish your Insanity anonymously, non-anonymously or if you prefer not to share.  That's ok too, no pressure.

We need two more submission to reach 25!

When I said, "You're gonna write your Insanity, right?"
Mr. Scabs just laughed and said, "How many did you get?"

Two more!  Please, cause I'm dying to hear his version of Insanity personified.

Jane and Sparrow both published theirs yesterday in lieu of Halloween.  
My Insanity *hearts* their Insanity.
Read them here and here.