Hello all!

It's the holidays.  How are y'all doing?  I know it can be a little rough.
Is Insanity creeping her way into your Sanity?
I've had a few of my own little moments.

I'd like to introduce our sister, friend and winner of the Insanity Challenge.
Congratulations "Jangle"!

Your gift is on it's way...please forgive my extended blog vacation!
And, if you've emailed me I'm working to get back to you soon.

My friend Insanity lives in my head along with me, myself and I. She’s a wild haired, rebellious woman 

with long red fingernails and a wicked gleam in her eye. She’s tall and slim but very strong. 

Coffee is her vice along with biscuits, cake and toast. 

She takes NO SHIT from anyone.  

She’s sexy, smart and psycho! She loves speed - the kind you experience in a car. 

She adores standing up to road hogs!!! She has no fear when it comes to teaching those hogs a 

good lesson and screeches manically when she out wits them!

Insanity has got a really foul attitude, she tells everyone to get knotted and not in those words! 

She's hyper-sensitive to any hint of criticism and reacts without pause, often leaving chaos in her wake. 

She’s to blame for encouraging me to kick a hole through our bedroom door. 

One time she grabbed my hand and splashed the hot tea in my mug 

over the back the couch my husband was sitting in and it caught him on the shoulder. 

She swears like a trooper and revels in the flood of endorphins they pump through her system.  

I love her even though she’s a bad influence!