Happy Birthday Mr. Scabs


After a weekend of rare desert drizzling rain and not-so-rare efforts to patch up some arguments and hurt feelings, I made some wicked double dutch brownies and our daughter stuck a bunch of candles in it.  We sang Happy Birthday to you ...cha cha cha!  

With a big puff of air, Mr. Scabs blew out the candles.  Will his wish come true?

Then we all sat back, cuddled up and watched back-to-back Operation Condor movies staring Jackie Chan.  If you haven't seen these, you should.  It's like Indiana Jones plus the mad talent of Jackie's karate chops.  

My hurt feelings were still blistering under the surface.  Mr. Scabs felt it too.  He reached out, took my legs onto his lap and rubbed my feet on his birthday.  This is what he does.  He reaches out. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Scabs!