feeling like poo

nice photo, right?

Some kind of drippy nose head cold has caught up with me.  Uggg.  The kind where you're so stuffed that you can't hear or breath, you have a massive headache and Kleenexes are stuffed up your nostrils    Why do i feel a surge of hormones and want to make out when I'm disgustingly sick like this? It makes no sense. That is my question to the universe! Now, lets see if Mr. Scabs wants a slobbery kiss!  He owes me, right?
The shot above may or may not be the real me.  

No story telling tonight.  But, Mr. Scabs and I have been diving deep
 into his side of this story.

On a side note, Scabs is now on Instagram..."The headless life of Mr. & Ms. Scabs"
Pictures of our real life. Instagram handle: eatmyscabs