Mr. Scabs Letter

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The following is a letter Mr. Scabs wrote to himself for therapy.  He agreed to share it will all of you.
I can be persuasive.


Please deliver November 20, 2010 8:00 am

Dear Self,
I know what you are thinking & planning on doing. I know you think in terms of instant gratification & somehow you feel like you deserve this. I understand how hard you work & I'm grateful for that but please, please STOP & consider what you're about to influence.  

Your decision now will impact so much more than you realize. I wish you could take advise.  I wish you could learn from others mistakes & take council to heart.  Mom & Dad have spent countless hours praying & pleading for you to fulfill your potential. The woman you love & that has looked past your insecurities is about to be devastated & put through more pain than any woman ought to endure. 

You have made some pretty bad decisions over your marriage.  They all scream selfishness & I'm the only one that matters.  I'm more than ashamed & sometimes overwhelmed with the wake of destruction that you have pulled being you.   Why couldn't you just be satisfied with the great life you had been given?  Why did you not go to your wife when you had issues?  It makes me sad.

With all of that being said,  I would like to offer some insight that I have learned through all of your mess.  

#1  People love & care about you. Through all of the difficult times that lay ahead there is always someone saying "you can do it!" Through all your crap, Ms. Scabs is always there waiting for you to confide & open up & love you.  You have so many good examples, friends, support and tools within your reach. .... please, please just reach out. You are not alone.   

#2  The Atonement is real. Through 12 step addiction recovery (or the atonement in increments) you have only begun to learn the magnificent sacrifice Christ made for you so that you could clean up your life & repair things that never seemed possible to repair.  

#3  You have everything you need to be happy.  You have a beautiful family, a beautiful wife who has stuck by you during very dark times and is willing to be with you and work toward becoming one.  You have 2 beautiful children who adore you and look up to you. Please don't jeopardize everything with your justification.  

#4  Life is short.  We're here to grow and make mistakes and then to repent and make changes and be better. 

I love you and a whole bunch of people also love you. I believe in you and know you can overcome this addiction & the trials in your life. Please don't be afraid to reach out when the going gets tough. Remember who you are even when no ones watching you.