Calling all AZ Campers!


If you haven't already, please suggest your favorite sex/porn addiction books to our friend.  
Click here and make your suggestions in the comments.  
She has been so touch by those who have reached out to share.  
Thank you!

Are you ready to camp??!!

Who's Invited: Divorced or working it out, spouse with porn or sex addiction/problem, affair, betrayal, blogger or non-blogger all ladies are invited.  Nursing a baby...bring your baby.  Please join us.

When: May 31-June 2

Why: This camp is about self-care, reaching out, relaxing, healing and validating you and your story.  Leave your jewel butt jeans at home and opt for yoga pants and comfy t-shirts.  We want a laid-back, comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere.  Safety, respect and privacy are paramount.  Be prepared to respect each others decisions and anonymity.

What will we do: We will laugh and cry and make new BFF's.  Maybe we'll do some yoga or go for a hike or scare the newlyweds out of the hot-tub!!  The agenda is low-key.

Where:  Arizona of course, I will disclose the specifics via email but I have a gorgeous location planned.  We can car pool.  If you're flying in we can pick you up from the airport.

Cost: Keeping cost to an absolute minimum I think I can keep each campers cost between $50-75 for the weekend.  This will include room, food, gas.  If cost is an issue for anyone please email me, I want everyone to have a chance to join us.

We have been given a generous anonymous donation for a 
{Camp Scabs Scholarship} 
So kind, right?
If your pocketbook is thin, please don't let that keep you away.    

If you've contacted me already, you should have received an email about Camp Scabs AZ.  If your interested and want to know more, send me an email with Camp Scabs AZ in the subject-line.  I'd like to get a pretty accurate count so I can get us enough beds.  :)