Shania Twain & Camp Scabs AZ

Last week

There is nothing like your BFF driving by in her mom's black Chrysler 300 with all the windows down and Shania Twain on full blast.  The sassy, fashion risk-taking, Canadian country singer with a fab head of hair, ahhh Shania.

Take a listen:

Favorite line, "Even my skin is acting weird, wish that I could grow a beard."

The car slowed down and I jumped in the front seat.  As Shanias' voice hit the chorus, we were singing along and I wiped away my tears; I had been feeling so blue.  Her tween daughter ducked down in the back seat begging us to please stop...we're on the way to her junior high.  Squealing and giggling we sang louder! I even threatened to stand out the sun roof, rip my top off and shake my little b cups to Shanias'  Anthem!  Not really, but we had a big laugh imagining it!!

Thank you BFF and Shania Twain.  Thank you for chasing away my blues.
Plus, I finally got my period, ergg why do hormones always make things worse?!

Let's talk about Camp Scabs Arizona.  

Email me if you're interested and we'll start hammering out the details.  
We can car pool and airport pickup on Friday and then head out to a cabin in Northern AZ.
Let's talk about meal planning and how much we want to spend.

Also, which of these weekends work best for you?
May 17-19 or May 31-June 2.   

Can't wait!!