Camp Idaho News


First, I need to apologize.  I'm more than 3 months behind on some emails.  I could be the worlds slowest emailer.  Each response comes from my heart.  Each letter you send me is valuable.  I read each one, but struggle with the time it takes to respond.  I wish there was a better way.  
Can I clone myself?
I ask for patience.  I will get to you, and if you think I've missed you, please send it again.
I love you.


Second, somehow, I've got the flu.  How can I get the flu when it's 113 outside?  Doesn't the heat kill everything?  Anyway, I'm not feeling well and before the NyQuil sets in, I want to update you all on 
our next Camp Scabs.

Some of you have already sent me emails about possibly coming to camp.  I've got your names and I'm adding you to our list.  Later this week I'll send out an email to you all giving more instructions.  There is no deadline so if you read this post and a few weeks have gone by, send your email anyway.

If you're interested in Camp Scabs Idaho email me at 

CampScabs @ gmail {dot} com.

I've added a Camp Scabs link to my header, check there for more details.

And to answer a few questions from the survey:

Yes, YOU are invited.  These are the guidelines.
#1 You must be female (I know women addiction too but for obvious reasons, this is a womens only camp.
#2 Your life must be touched by sex or porn addiction , cheating or some related topic. Generally, spouses and daughters of addicts.
#3 If I don't know you, send me an email.  Let me get to know you.

Camp Scabs in California is a possibility.  If you are from CA reach out and let me know you want this.  I'd like to have Camps be at least 10 women but that's not set in stone.

Camp Utah.  I'm shooting for Janurary 2014 in SLC.  Second weekend or third weekend in January?  What do you think?  In fact, I've been looking at some condos and homes for rent in downtown SLC.  Thank you for the warning me about the snow, we will keep the January camp near the metro center.  The response for Camp in Utah is a bit overwhelming so I may have another in the Spring.  Someone offered a family cabin in Southern Utah near Brianhead.  That would be amazing.  I'd love to get with you about a spring or summer camp there.

You don't have to be from Idaho to go to the Idaho Camp.  It's an open invitation.  But camp virgins do get priority.  Although, we would love to have repeat campers, so don't be discouraged if you are already Camp Alumni, email me anyway.

Did I answer all your questions?  If you have more leave them in the comments below.  I will come out of my NyQuil stupor to answer them.