Mr. T. Roosevelt & yoga

Some wise words from Mr. T. Roosevelt.  No?

It's Monday, the weekend is over and I'm back to my day job.  
I know there have been some hard things happening out there.  Triggers, impossible decisions and just the general difficulty of living.
While walking around the office, typing reports and standing at the water cooler, I am thinking about you and I am praying for all of us.  

For those of us who have small amounts of trust and faith, it is the strangest thing to have our prayers answered by the Creator.  To fervently say, "I need help," and then be washed with that feeling of peace. It is unreal.  Does He really know me?  

I know He does.
He is our Maker, intimately tied to each of us.
And, I know that sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but our pleas for peace are heard and acted on.  Because, that is His only objective; our peace, our joy.


P.S. All Arizona locals, I have the most compassionate and self-less friend.  She has agreed to teach a women's only private yoga class on a regular basis, just for us!!  She is the same yoga teacher who came to Camp Scabs AZ and led a guided healing meditation that was phenomenal.  
Phenomenal.  Camp Alumni, back me up on this.

Yoga has taught me how to heal and reconnect with my mind, body, spirit and emotions.  It has been central to my own healing.

This is still in the planning stage but we are thinking Monday evenings around 8 or 8:30 at night.  It will be held at a yoga studio in Tempe.  Anyone interested?  Make some comments below or just email me.  I'd like to see how much interest there is.

If you've never practiced yoga, don't worry.  
This will be very simple, basic and meditative catering to our sensitive needs and of course we will practice the same anonymity of 12-step.

I am thrilled!!