Travel Award!


Having a scholarship fund is kind of a double edged sword. 

Of course, I'm so incredibly thankful for the chance to give an opportunity to women who wouldn't have been able to come to camp.  On the other hand, after reading your stories, I wish you could all come!  
Thank you for your letters.

In fact, it was so heart wrenching that Jane was sick about the idea of only choosing two.
She has the most tender, kind heart and I can't wait for ya'll to meet her.
Yep, I said, "Ya'll", it just felt right.

The 2 winners were picked at random and I did it the old fashioned way.  If  you submitted an entry, you should have received an email with a not-so-great, one handed phone video of me pulling 2 names from a bowl.  Didn't get this email/video?  Let me know.

Congratulations to our winners and 
"may the odds be ever in your favor!"

(I channeled a little bit of Effie Trinket while I swirled my fingers around the bowl)