Moonlight Yoga

A note from a humbled yoga teacher to the powerful women of "Scabs":

I am but a mere mortal in the presence of you goddesses. You come to me for yoga and yet I leave more fulfilled than when I arrived. Know the power you possess. Know the path of liberation that you are paving for others.

I'm a neighbor of our wonderful Scabs and when she first asked me to take part in the Camp in Payson I was excited, honored, intimidated... Little did I know the impact you all would have on me and my life.

After Camp Scabs in Payson, Scabs and I decided it'd be a great idea to hold a regular class at the yoga studio I teach at. The stars were all aligned and we were good to go. We've had a small handful of wonderful classes and I honor those who have come and acknowledge what it took to be there.

After a few weeks, I started to get in my head a little bit. I started doubting my own abilities and I felt ill-equipped to shine any sort of light or love or peace to you all.

That's when Monday rolled around, time for Moonlight Yoga, specially designed for Eat My Scabs members only...

And no one showed up.

No one but Scabs herself and a mutual friend. What perfect timing! I was in need of a good chat and what a good chat we had! I expressed my worries and Scabs relayed your needs superbly. I said something along the lines of feeling inauthentic because I don't share the same story as you all. That's when our friend chimed in with this gem, "You may not have the same story but you DO have a story. Everyone has their own story." I have my tale to tell, you have yours. We've all experienced joy beyond belief, and pain that crumbles us to pieces. Joy is joy. Pain is pain. Healing is healing.

So I promise to share with you my story of healing with each Moonlight Yoga class I teach. I walked around life as "Amber the Wounded" for many years and carried that declaration around with me. It weaved into everything I did; everything I was. It was my protector, my validator, my excuse, my reason, my all.

I invite you to come to Moonlight Yoga at lovelife studio in Tempe, twice a month on Monday nights at 8pm. This is a space set aside for release. Release your emotions, turn inward, and listen to your heart. That's our main focus, every class. Come as you are, exactly as you are right now, and feel cradled and supported by your fellow goddesses and by the yoga practice itself. It's by donation only; pay any amount you can, don't pay if you can't, but come regardless. Reminders will be posted on the blog as well as emailed to all on the mailing list.

I am at your disposal. Call, email, or text any questions or concerns.

We walk together as women, regardless of our stories, and we're here to help, to heal, to love, to feel.

Much love, light, and peace your way,