Yoga for Congo in Utah!

(thanks Jane)

It was a beautiful weekend at the Togetherness Project in SLC.  
A genuine thanks to all the hands that made the Project as wonderful as it was.
For an overview and some attendees notes click here and here and here.

I spoke about being brave, healing through yoga and some other bits and pieces of my story.  We laughed a bunch and cried a bit.  It was lovely to see faces and hug women and hear their stories too.

I'd really love to convert everyone to yoga.  It's taught and healed so much in my life.  For those of you who want to try yoga and those of you who already love yoga,
this came to my inbox today:

Yoga for Congo has two upcoming events in Utah.

Both events are free but you can donate if you like.
Bring a yoga mat and some water.  If you don't have a yoga mat,
ROSS and TJ MAX usually have good deals on mats.

Provo Oct 25
Salt Lake City  Oct 26

I wish I could go, so go for me and tell me all about it.


Yoga for Congo Women from Ann Richmond on Vimeo.