Lets talk about LOVE RICE

my *love rice* experiment
started: 12.3.13
picture taken: 1.2.14

My 5 year old knows a lot of creative swear words like fartass.  I suppose its not really his fault he was raised during the storm of discovery.  The ugly part.  The part where my vocabulary took a dramatic shift.  But, as things begin to heal so does my language.  wheew!

After school today I overheard him call his sister one of these words.  It makes me so sad to hear these things from my children.  After wiping away some tears and giving some hugs I said to the boy go tell the hate rice that it's a fartass and then go tell the love rice that you adore it.  He did.

And then, I asked my boy.  "How do you want to treat you sister, like the hate or love rice?"


The first week of December 2013 I cooked some rice.  Just some plain white rice.  Then, I spooned a bit into two sterile jars.  I labeled one the {hate rice} and one the {love rice}.  This is an experiment I learned about from yoga Amber and Dr Emoto.

And everyday I would tell the {hate rice} how terrible, disappointing, ugly it was. I would snicker at it's "muffin top" and tell it that it was worthless and stupid.  I asked the neighborhood boys to come yell ugly words at the poor hate rice.  It hurt my ears.

And, everyday I would tell the love rice how wonderful, delicious and fluffy it was.  How it was most sweet, amazing rice I'd ever seen.   And I would play sonatas and love songs on my record player.  I gave love to that rice.

After 30 days, the results were astonishing.  The hate rice had disintegrated into mush.  And the love rice was indeed fluffy and intact.

Let us be gentle to ourselves and those around us.