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SLC Camp News:  

I've sent out an email with registration and instructions.  If you were on my SLC camp list but didn't get an email send me a quick note

Also, the final camp scholarship was awarded.  I sent emails for this.  It's the same drill, if you didn't get an email or couldn't view the video file, send me a note.


This morning at work a small woman said to me,

"I need help."

I knew the timbre in her voice.  It was the same helpless tone from my own darkest moments.  I work for a large financial business, the kind of business that has nothing to do with emotions.  But as I heard this desperate voice reach out, I knew it was something more than her finances.

I said, "Of course I can help you.  What's going on?"

She then explained to me she had made a mistake with a bank transfer and a few other things were up in the air.  She was shaking and worried.  Then, through tears, she told how her husband of 47 years had suddenly, unexpectedly passed from this life to the next.  We talked about it for a minute, she talked about walking around in a fog.  I said, "I know what you mean, it's like being lost in a coma."
She talked about the sleepless nights and gut wrenching grief.  I said, "I know what you mean, it's like being punched in the stomach with a bag full of rocks."

Then she said, "Have you lost a husband."

I said, "Not like that, but I have lost a husband."

Without the darkness of the past I wouldn't have understood her grief. There is something sacred about binding a cord that lets another know they aren't alone, about breaking from the prison of ourselves.

I love the video above.