{camp photo album}

the classic camp photo

Alright, all you mathematicians and problem solving whizzes, here's an equation for you:

What do you get when you hunker down in a secluded cabin in the woods + 15 strangers + paintball guns and a midnight dance party and other unmentionable things?

You get Camp Scabs of course!!

I thought ya'll might like a sneak peek into the camp photo album...

Disclaimer: Photos and visual content are copyrighted and owned by Eat My Scabs blog.  

Photos may be used with Camps Scabs credit and link.  Photos by Jill Candland Photography.

Photos were all used with permission of campers.

First, the food.  It was yummy, clean, nourishing.  Thanks to our top secret yoga ninja chef we were 

well fed


Wyoming is the most beautiful wild country.  

A perfect place to {become}.

 ...and then there was the yoga, the boating, the paintball, the 3-hours of silence and gut-busting giggles, the starlight meditation (insert a run-in with the Ranger) and lantern ceremony.  

There was, of course, the epic burning of shit and a midnight dance party (with a little


and a little

nae nae

but I can't show any pictures of that).

So when is the next Camp Scabs?

We are in the planning process for two upcoming camps!

Upcoming pending dates:

Dec 30, 2015-Jan 2 2016, Phoenix AZ

New Years Bash: Camp Scabs Style

Yes, that's New Years weekend.   And, I know, we usually spend it with family and friends, but what better way to be reborn into the new year 2016 than at Camp Scabs?  

As usual, scholarships will be available. 

November 2015 (dates pending), SLC, UT

Such a lucky partnership!  

Bloom for Women

and I have decided to raises glasses and combine efforts to give you a retreat.  I'm excited about the details but for now, know that we are planning luxury, relaxation, food, yoga, 

laughing and work with lead therapist 

Dr. Skinner


Addo Recovery

.  This will be a Bloom Retreat for Women hosted by Scabs.

If you're interested and want more details