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I was blissfully naive.  I didn't know what would happen when Mr. Scabs left the country on a trip.

November 2010

I was clueless.

I was blissfully naive?

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary November 18th, just days before my head filled with nightmares.

Did the chatter of the restaurant drown out my senses?  Maybe I should have seen the emptiness in his eyes and heard the emptiness in his voice as we talked about our life and remembering the funny way met more than a decade ago.   Was I the only one laughing?  And that night, when he wasn't interested in making love...I should have seen.  Retrospect can be so cruel.

A few years before my husband and I were married he spent some time overseas in a small country (which will not be named for anonymity's sake).  In the last few months of his time overseas he got very sick.  His body went into shock and fell into a coma.

He wasn't expected to live.  His family was told to prepare for a funeral.

In a way that is both miraculous and movie-like Mr. Scabs began to wake from the coma. He was previously a young, healthy, athletic man.  But when he gained consciousnesses it became evident  he couldn't walk, talk or breathe on his own.

He could hear and understand all that was going on around him but could barely communicate with the outside world.  He had been reduced to blinking his eyes and a small thumbs-up gesture.

In a way that continues to be miraculous and movie-like Mr. Scabs made a full recovery.  The illness is still the greatest mystery of his life.

Some day, I'll tell this story in more detail.  For now, the only reason I give this background is to explain why I wasn't concerned when Mr. Scabs and his friend planned a trip to the country-that-must-not-be-named over our 10 year anniversary and Thanksgiving break.  I thought he was seeking closure.   

I was never a jealous wife.  I trusted his loyalty.  I always had.  My only concern was for his safety.

 I said, "I wish you wouldn't go, I have a feeling something bad will happen."

 I thought he might get hurt.  My heart was heavy and sick when he packed his bags the next morning.

Something bad did happen.

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