1. Scabology is all about expansion. Practice, be curious, learn, fail, soul, guts, change your mind, change your actions, learn some more, and then practice it all over again. This is the formula. 

2. I reverence intimacy, closeness, and connection.  Wholeness, equal partnerships, loyalty, kindness, and warmth are key to intimacy.

3. Scabs heal. Like Mother Nature and her scabs, I believe all things can heal.

4. I honor messy hair and messy hearts. There's something about life's messes and imperfections that breaks down our inner stories and gives us the chance to realign with our personal compass.

5. Science. We’re lucky! We know more about brains, bodies, human nature, and how to heal than any other time in history. We are on the edge of the ever expanding understanding of how to develop healthy bodies and minds. Let’s use these tools.

6. Tacos are important. I'm always on the look-out for the tastiest taco shops in town. 

7. Your squad, tribe, or small gang are irreplaceable. Trustworthy BFF's, grandmothers, sisters, childhood friends, your cat, your dog, John, Paul, George, and Ringo--we need them.

8. I love humans.  We're imperfect, rowdy, shameless, compassionate, whole-hearted, divine, full of goodness and mistakes and I love us. 

9. Body, mind, and heart.  Mindfulness heals trauma. Embodiment is a path to healing and knowing. Your body, mind, and heart are a creative team that seek your good.

10. Spirit, Soul, Universe, God. I believe in leaning into the the Sacred --,listen, believe, doubt, question, and then do.