ReClaim Love Online Workshop


ReClaim Love Online Workshop


You're registering for ReClaim Love. An online bi-weekly workshop.

Break Yourself Apart & Create Space for Wholeness

Begins March 27, 2018 at noon AZ time


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ReClaim Love online workshop:

Break Yourself Apart & Create Space for Wholeness

Why: We've all got garbage, patterns, thoughts, things that weigh us down. Some days we handle it like a boss. Other days, we don't. There's no shame in that.

Some days we walk around with clarity and compassion and a gold star on our chest. Those are the good days. And, other days, we want to lay down in a ditch and eat all the Oreo's in town. Those are the not-so-good-days.

ReClaim Love is all about breakin' down the stuff that isn't working and building up the stuff that does.

Focus: We're going to work through topics like triggers, boundaries, mindfulness, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, self-care, decision-making, confidence, how to trust our guts, creating equal partnerships, faith crisis, meditation, negative thinking, body image, movement for trauma, how to find your backbone, trusting people, how to handle difficult people, how to feel whole, and what in the world does "grounding" even mean...the list goes on and I'm PUMPED!  

It's a lot, I know. But, the workshop is on-going, year-round.

How does it work: I've designed ReClaim Love with as much simplicity as possible. Cause man, if it's even a tiny bit complicated...I'm out. 

Here's the scoop:

  1. FIRST: Pay monthly (2-3 workshops per month). Easy cancelation anytime. Easy re-register anytime. This is a come and go kind of thing. Stay for all of it. Stay for some of it. There's no wrong way to do this. First class is always free. Cancel after your first class for a full refund.
  2. SECOND: Tune into our small bi-weekly 60-minute workshop. Listen, watch or participate on your computer or smartphone every other Tuesday afternoon. Miss a session? It's recorded. Practice the homework (or not), take notes (or not), connect with classmates online (or not), share with your BFF (for sure do this one). An additional 15 minutes is always available post-workshop for Q & A.
  3. THIRD: Then go into the world: Breath. Practice. Become.


*Scabology workshops, coaching, and other events have been developed to complement (not replace) counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, and other mental care modalities. Always consult with your mental and physical health care providers before registering. Wherever you get help, commit to giving yourself the time and space you need to heal.