I'm all about the human, embodied approach to navigating stress + anxiety + trauma.

And, I'm so thankful you're here.



Trust Yourself

Many of us have inherited the belief of mistrust in ourselves.

This mistrust creates anxiety, confusion, fog, and a whole mish-mash of I'm not sure's. And then, we give our trust to others thinking they know better.

Reclaim your right to trust yourself.

 That's me!  Jeni G.

That's me!  Jeni G.



Let's move toward what's important to you.

Nothing feels better than that! It's alignment. It's genuine. It's trust in yourself. Join the hundreds of people who've benefited from taking this same step.

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Breath + Beats

Meditation & Movement for Trauma, Stress, and Life.

Science shows that trauma and stress reshape how our bodies and brains work. These changes can make it difficult to develop relationships, feel joy, trust, and engage in life.

This class is designed to offer new paths in the body that result in activating our brain's ability to heal and renew.

This class is held weekly in Mesa AZ








I'll hear your voice & you'll hear mine. We'll slow down. We'll take time to breathe & move. You'll begin to notice how your brain and body work together and we'll begin to move toward what's important to you.

We'll unravel your story & rebuild with clarity & confidence.  When this inner truth surfaces, it'll change everything!

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*Scabology workshops, coaching, and other events have been developed to complement (not replace) counseling, therapy, psychotherapy, and other mental care modalities. Always consult with your mental and physical health care providers before registering. Wherever you get help, commit to giving yourself the time and space you need to heal.

 Retreat 2013

Retreat 2013